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Dive into Penang’s culinary heritage at Tek Sen Restaurant, a legacy simmering since 1965!

Step through timeworn doors in George Town’s heart, and be swept away by the warm glow of hanging lanterns and the intoxicating aroma of Cantonese delights.

Generations of family secrets whisper in each dish, from the glistening Hainanese Chicken Rice to the tangy symphony of Sweet & Sour Pork.

Indulge in Char Kuey Teow’s smoky magic, a wok-kissed dance of flat noodles, prawns, and bean sprouts.

Nyonya Curry Fish Head beckons, its fragrant coconut milk embracing the succulent flesh, a fiery love letter to Penang’s cultural tapestry. ️

More than just a meal, Tek Sen is a Penang institution. Friendly smiles serve alongside steaming plates, stories of family legacy woven into every bite. ‍

Gather around vintage tables, amidst the laughter and clatter of shared plates. Here, heritage and hospitality intertwine, creating memories that linger long after the last morsel is savored.

Come hungry, leave happy. Tek Sen Restaurant, a timeless Penang treasure waiting to be discovered.

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  • Hannah
    a week ago

    The most delicious Chinese food, would highly recommend the double cooked pork with chilli - this was our favourite. The queue is long but now I know why! It's 100% worth the wait - get there early (when they open) and you won't have to wait too long. A little bit on the expensive side but again, worth it for the flavour sensations!

  • Ruth Geiser
    Ruth Geiser
    3 weeks ago

    This Restaurant is easy to access with Public Transport. Also easy to walk around this Area at day and Night. The Food is great and authentic fresh taste. The waiting time can be quite long, but today I was lucky I got quickly served at the second room beside the Restaurant. The service was fast even there have been many Guest. I loved it and I will come back. I love the fresh Seafood and vegetables the most. The cold soja milk on a hot day was a great idea as it was less sweet.

  • Moritz
    3 weeks ago

    Amazing Cantonese Restaurant, with super delicious food! We came here because of reviews and this place didn't disappoint. Our favorite was the double roasted pork with chili, must try! The roasted eggplant and belacan fried chicken were delicious too. Good drinks.This place is popular during peak times and you will have to wait in line, took us around 30min plus waiting some time for the food. Service is efficient given it's popularity. Definitely worth the waiting time!

  • Vis
    3 weeks ago

    Walking distant from public transport, but I recommend to take grab, didn’t see any parking slot nearby, they do accept call in reservation, I suggest to do that, as the queue is very long, we waited for 40min plus. Love their signature double fried pork, soup of the day is awesome too, rich and flavourful, steam fish is fresh, the eggs on the other hand is not so great, the sauce on the prawns is nice, but the prawns doesn’t taste fresh. Overall the dishes are not bad.

  • Sean Yong
    Sean Yong
    a month ago

    Another old school Cantonese restaurant on my checklist. So excited to finally get to try this restaurant. The food was fantastic and truly lived up to its name and fame with the Michelin rating 2 years in a row.

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