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Siam Road: Where Penang’s soul sizzles on a charcoal bed!

Follow the plume of smoke, a siren song leading to Siam Road’s legendary Char Kuey Teow. Here, Uncle Tan, a culinary maestro, wields his wok like a fiery baton, conducting a symphony of flavors.

For over 70 years, his family’s secret recipe has seduced palates with its smoky magic. Watch as flat noodles dance with prawns, eggs, and bean sprouts in a rhythmic ballet, bathed in a dark sauce that whispers sweet and spicy secrets.

Each bite explodes with texture – the chewy embrace of noodles, the succulent snap of prawns, the fluffy whisper of eggs, and the refreshing crunch of bean sprouts. A symphony for your senses, a Penang love song on a plate.

But Siam Road is more than just a culinary quest. It’s a tapestry woven from friendly banter, shared laughter, and the simple joy of savoring street food at its finest. Witness Uncle Tan’s artistry, a legacy passed down through generations, a testament to Penang’s vibrant heritage.

So, come hungry, come curious, and surrender to the allure of Siam Road. Let the smoky whispers guide you, and prepare to be swept away by a taste of Penang that will linger long after the last morsel is savored.

Find your wok-kissed destiny: Siam Road, open daily 12:00am-5:30pm (or until the noodles run out!). Cash is king, but prepare to be crowned the ruler of your taste buds.

Siam Road: Where Penang’s soul sizzles, and your culinary adventure begins!

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  • Szabolcs Fazekas
    Szabolcs Fazekas
    in the last week

    This should be on top of every char kway teow recommendation list, as this is the real deal!Still cooked using traditional methods, one cannot simply describe the taste, it's on another level! The pork lard and sausage just melt in your mouth, the extra flavor from the wood smoke is pure heaven! If you are really hungry, order two plates straight!The kopi is not so good though, I won't recommend it.

  • CY
    2 months ago

    Visited on a Saturday 12pm , waited in line for about 50minutes. There’s a lady who assists and arranges table & seat for you, you just need to queue and order your CKT. The CKT is good but didn’t give us the “wow” effect. Lack abit of wok Hei and the prawns are of medium size only (hence less than 10 bucks per plate)

  • Anson Chew
    Anson Chew
    2 months ago

    One of the finest char kway teow experiences I've had in Penang! Each dish is meticulously prepared by the owner using charcoal, resulting in consistently superb quality and flavor.Be prepared for a long queue though, as the demand for this delectable dish is high. You have the option to choose between chicken and duck egg, and for a truly authentic taste, I highly recommend opting for the latter

  • Henry Luxor
    Henry Luxor
    2 months ago

    Char Kway Teow bigger portion 11 rm Regular portion 9 rm Kopi susu 2.2 rm Place crowded when i came, a long line waiting for kway teow Price is reasonable. Taste is delicious. Recommended to visit here. The old man has passed away, now its his son cooks there.

  • Calvin Wankhede
    Calvin Wankhede
    2 months ago

    Had my second ever Char Kway Teow here, but don't think I agree with the hype. Portion size wasn't great, even though I ordered the large. My order was cooked alongside two others' in front of me so maybe I got the short end of the stick?The other place I ate at (a hawker stall on Jalan Burma road) wasn't too far off in terms of taste, didn't have a line, and was markedly cheaper.Rating it four stars nevertheless because the taste was decent and I knew about the long wait ahead of time. But it really was a three star experience because of the long line and sweltering heat.

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