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Restoran Wong Koh Kee in Ipoh is a classic culinary gem with a rich history spanning almost 80 years. The restaurant exudes simplicity, from its recipes to its venue, furniture, and order-taking procedure. It offers a taste of nostalgic cuisine reminiscent of your grandparents’ cooking—affordable, delicious, and prepared using traditional methods. Open only for lunch, the bustling eatery is perpetually crowded, so be prepared for quick dining. The absence of a printed menu adds to the charm, but the friendly staff will gladly recommend signature dishes such as steamed three yolks egg, Hong Siew Yu Tao (braised fish head), and pei pa chicken. The reviewer enjoyed dishes like sweet and sour pork, stir-fried watercress with roasted pork in belacan, homemade stuffed tofu, and pork belly stewed with yam. While the ku lou yok (fried pork) didn’t meet expectations, the tangy gravy with crispy batter was enjoyable. The signature watercress dish was popular but deemed greasy and heavily flavored. The standout dish was the simple tofu stuffed with fish paste in eggy gravy, with clean and homely flavors. Overall, Wong Koh Kee delivers no-frills, wallet-friendly food that evokes nostalgia and a longing for homecooked meals.

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  • Shy Huey
    Shy Huey
    4 months ago

    Good old taste, crispy roasted chicken, stir fried vege, steamed freshwater fish with bean paste. Must order steamed egg….so smooth, melt in your mouth!!! Good bargain restaurant.

  • YK L
    YK L
    3 months ago

    I should have posted my reviews for this restaurant way back… like 10 - 15 years ago. Uncles are getting older now but their food still the best in the area.Ordered Sauced steamed Tilapia Sweet and sour pork Fried Vegi with Roasted Pork Steamed egg Signature ToufuFood served fast and they have full blast of fans around. Not so hot for a restaurant without air conditioning. Middle height ceiling though.The restaurant is right at the front of “Yi Lai Hong” with a lot of passerby touristsOverall experience: dishes taste like mom’s cook and with affordable price. Will come here more frequent

  • Freshskito Bonito
    Freshskito Bonito
    2 months ago

    This place has historical significance and is located on a very crowded lane. We arrived around 12.30 and were lucky to get a table straight away. The food is excellent and the service is like a traditional Chinese restaurant. Would not recommend sweet and sour pork but everything else we had was delicious.

  • Wei Wei
    Wei Wei
    2 months ago

    The restaurant do not provide menu. Order 3 dishes and 3 very small rice, one pot of tea, charged RM75. Ask the boss how much for the chicken, he says about 30, the other two dishes, steamed egg and xiyang vege with roast meat, rm15 for each. The 3 dishes add up 60. So, the 3 plates of rice and the tea cost rm15? What a funny count. Just anyhow count. Better ask price if you don’t want to get chopped. My friends do not mind being chopped. But why should us?

  • Nel N
    Nel N
    10 months ago

    Ambience: 3/5 Food: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Although this place is housed at a rather old shoplot, they maintained their hygiene and neatness. The seniors there do both serving and taking orders. They were very patient and friendly. Food taste like home-cooked dishes and gives you this warmth feeling.

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