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WongKoh Kee is a family-owned restaurant nestled within the historical Concubine Lane, have been delighting patrons with Cantonese and Chinese cuisine since 1935. Our Chinese culinary has since then fused with local ingredients, leading to our signature belacan stir fried watercress as well as many other dishes.

Our Wong family recipe retains the simple, homely cooked dishes, bring-ing out the most authentic tastes and flavour from the good, old days.

Our dishes offer customers with tastes that reminiscence the heart-warming memories and experience of dining with their beloved family and friends.

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  • WS
    5 months ago

    The restaurant is pleasant and offers delicious, reasonably priced Chinese food.We relished the sweet and sour pork, silky tofu with fish paste, and stir-fried watercress with roasted pork.Even though it has been operating since the 1930s, the restaurant is preserved in good condition. Excellent work, the toilet is spotless🤗

  • Grace W
    Grace W
    2 weeks ago

    Been eating here since I was a child ...dishes you must order: Stir fry Watercress with roasted pork Sweet and sour pork Cheong ching steam fish Steam eggSo delicious 🤤

  • YK L
    YK L
    9 months ago

    I should have posted my reviews for this restaurant way back… like 10 - 15 years ago. Uncles are getting older now but their food still the best in the area.Ordered Sauced steamed Tilapia Sweet and sour pork Fried Vegi with Roasted Pork Steamed egg Signature ToufuFood served fast and they have full blast of fans around. Not so hot for a restaurant without air conditioning. Middle height ceiling though.The restaurant is right at the front of “Yi Lai Hong” with a lot of passerby touristsOverall experience: dishes taste like mom’s cook and with affordable price. Will come here more frequent

  • Adrian Wee
    Adrian Wee
    4 months ago

    Very old school shop from the 1930s. Nice good and good price. Located at end of the concubine lane. Nearby can try.

  • Shy Huey
    Shy Huey
    9 months ago

    Good old taste, crispy roasted chicken, stir fried vege, steamed freshwater fish with bean paste. Must order steamed egg….so smooth, melt in your mouth!!! Good bargain restaurant.

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