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Craving authentic Ipoh flavor? Dive into Lou Wong’s iconic Tauge Ayam!

Old Town Ipoh calls, and Lou Wong answers with generations-old love!

  • This heritage restaurant, simmering since 1948, serves up a local legend: Tauge Ayam. Tender poached chicken meets fresh bean sprouts and spring onions, all bathed in a secret-recipe chili sauce that sings! ️

But the love goes beyond the star dish:

  • Hakka Lei Cha, pork balls in broth, and stir-fried delights fill the menu, all at budget-friendly prices.
  • Friendly service and a lively atmosphere make Lou Wong an Ipoh gem.

Ready to experience Ipoh’s culinary history?

  • Find Lou Wong in the heart of Old Town, open from 10:30am-9pm. ⏰
  • Soak up the heritage vibes and explore the charming streets nearby! ️

Lou Wong: Where taste bud bliss meets Ipoh’s soul!

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5,786 reviews
  • Gavin Tsai
    Gavin Tsai
    2 months ago

    Had the famous bean sprouts and chicken for lunch at this place and enjoyed our food. Bean sprouts were flavourful and refreshing. The chicken was also full of flavour, tender and juicy and the sauce was yummy. It’s perfect to go with the oil rice. I finished my meal with some fish/pork balls soup and I was very happy and bloated

  • Yvonne Luk
    Yvonne Luk
    3 months ago

    It is located in Ipoh, Malaysia which is a famous restaurant that attracts crowds of people. We ordered a few dishes, including half chicken, sprout, fishballs with beef balls, vegetables, rice noodle with honey plum drinks. It all happened so quick cause the moment you arrive the staff will start handing you drink and ask which one do you prefer. It gives a feeling that they provide a drink first so you won’t leave but to stay and choose from their menu instead of looking for other restaurants. The chicken is tender but a bit tasteless while other dishes have a strong flavour on the sauce. The nice noodle is well cooked as well as the fish balls. The environment is like normal local restaurant, clean but not fancy.

  • M H
    M H
    2 weeks ago

    You can feel the authentic Chinese style. I ordered fried bean sprouts, which is supposed to be famous there, and steamed chicken. Tasty.The restaurant inside was not so clean. So, if you care about the cleanness, it may not be good for you.

  • C K Leong (Ah Leong San)

    Was told that this is the best place to eat bean sprouts and chicken. Yes bean sprouts are good but the chicken unfortunately wasn’t as great. It’s really unfortunate as there is hardly any meat on the plate of chicken. The chicken feet on the other hand were so much better. It was well braised, tender and smooth. The sauce was yummy too. Even the fish and meat balls were good too. The hor fun was good as it’s smooth and delicious. Guess if I want to try chicken next time in Ipoh I’ll go to the next shop which I heard is better.

  • J-Ho S. C.
    J-Ho S. C.
    a week ago

    Came here many times.. Few years back. But, only review at this point..A bit disappointed..The chicken meat not as smooth as last time.. Bit hard.The tauge.. Only taste of pepper. Too much pepper 🤦🏻‍♀️Meat ball is big and soup still ok lah..

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