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Line Clear Nasi Kandar is a 24-hour restaurant with ‘limited-time’ offerings on the menu. This local restaurant is located in a narrow alleyway along Jalan Penang, with wooden tables and chairs. The food here is phenomenal and the fact it’s among the cheapest in all of Penang makes it even better.

Go for a plate of rice, fried chicken, telur dadar (omelette), vegetables and kuah banjir (a mix of gravies), for a satisfying meal. There is an impressive amount of hype about their daily specials (ranging from fish curry to beef gravy) and the extensive praise is clearly warranted. Adding to the whole value-for-money aspect of Line Clear Nasi Kandar is the fact that the food served comes in generous portions.

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  • James Oleinik
    James Oleinik
    a month ago

    Good spot for a quick and cheap meal of Nasi Kandar.The food is arranged on plates and you then let the staff person know which ones you’d like.I had the chicken and beef with Okra; the sauce tasted fantastic but beef was a little overdone and chewy. Still, hard to beat for price and convenience.

  • Alexis Busso
    Alexis Busso
    3 months ago

    Came here on a Sunday evening and there was no queue. Portions are large and priced are inexpensive. Pick and choose your protein (chicken cooked 4 different ways, eggs, mutton, or fish), they also have okra and cabbage. Delicious and quick service. All the staff were very kind.

  • Vincent Tan
    Vincent Tan
    in the last week

    They lost the concept of Nasi Kandar especially Penang’s Nasi Kandar. They are below the quality of a mamak eatery in KL. Curries were weak in flavours. I felt like I was eating rice drenched in a single flavoured soup.

    2 months ago

    one of best place for nasi kandar in Penang. their Penang nasi kandar is something different from what you will normally get elsewhere & their multiple gravy which pours onto the plate is a must try here. overall it’s a satisfying meal with the outdoor seating & affordable price.

  • debby rosalina
    debby rosalina
    2 weeks ago

    Had briyani rice with fried chicken and scrambled eggs. Total 13.2 RM. food tasted good! Just felt the vendor is offended because we didn't order any drink..

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