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Hoi Yin’s legend whispers in their curry laksa, a symphony of fragrant broth, plump cockles, and silky noodles. Each sip is a love song to Kuantan’s heritage, a taste that lingers long after the last drop.

But the melody doesn’t stop there. Mee curry and mee sup join the chorus, their noodles basking in rich sauces and singing with savory notes. Whether you crave a creamy embrace or a spicy kick, Hoi Yin’s menu has a song for your taste buds.

And don’t forget the breakfast chorus! Dim sum and steaming buns rise to greet the morning, their fluffy voices promising a delightful start to your day.

Hoi Yin isn’t just about the food, it’s an experience. Friendly smiles and warm greetings weave a tapestry of comfort, making you feel like part of the family. The atmosphere hums with the chatter of locals and the clinking of spoons, a vibrant rhythm that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more.

So, come hungry, leave happy. Find your noodle nirvana at Restoran Hoi Yin, a Kuantan gem where flavors sing and memories dance in every bite!

Specials: Curry Laksa, Mee Curry, Mee Sup, Mee Kicap

Come savor the symphony of flavors! Restoran Hoi Yin awaits.

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965 reviews
  • Yuan Jun
    Yuan Jun
    3 months ago

    Came at 10am and there was still a queue, however only waited ~5min before getting a seat.The moment you pass by the cook station, strong aroma of coconut milk. Yum yum. Menu is straight forward. Curry mee, noodle soup or dry noodle.Drinks are mediocre, just to satisfy your thirst not for pleasure.Curry mee overall is alright so-so. Taste of the curry base is very light, texture is thin as well. Good thing is, it's easy to drink. What was nice is actually the chicken chunks.Won't be back anytime soon, would definitely explore other restaurants.

  • Goh CS
    Goh CS
    a month ago

    curry soup really good, together with noodle, fried toufu, chicken meat, fish cake/ball. visit during working day morning, lesser people and have a wonderful experience.

    a week ago

    Jolly good bowl of Laksa. Mee Kicap maybe not my thing.

  • Alex Low
    Alex Low
    in the last week

    I'm not a fan of curry, but I heard here is famous so come to have a try. No bad overall..

  • Desmond Wong
    Desmond Wong
    8 months ago

    This place serves up a mean curry mee that has my taste buds doing a happy dance. The portion size? Perfect. The price? Right on the money. But what truly takes me back is the curry itself – it's like a nostalgic trip down memory lane to my good old comfort-food days.Now, picture this: you step into a time machine and find yourself in the groovy 60s or 70s. The shop's ambiance is a living ode to that era, with posters that could tell stories of their own. It's like dining in a slice of history, and it adds a unique charm that's hard to resist.Bonus tip for travelers: if you're staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kuantan, you're in luck. This gem isn't too far off, making it a convenient stop for a soul-soothing meal after a day of exploring. So, if you're craving that comforting curry fix and a hint of nostalgic vibes, this spot has got your back.

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