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Embark on a galactic culinary adventure at Pluto Wine & Dine, Johor Bahru’s premier space-themed wine club!

Named after the enigmatic dwarf planet, Pluto Wine & Dine offers a unique and immersive dining experience.

Step into their beautifully designed space and be transported to a world of interstellar elegance.

Soak in the warm glow of their signature chandelier, reminiscent of a distant nebula, and lose yourself in the sleek, modern furnishings.

But the magic truly begins with their extensive wine list.

Boasting a carefully curated selection of local and international labels, Pluto Wine & Dine caters to every palate and preference.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to guide you through the cosmic journey of wine. ‍

And to complement your celestial sips, Pluto Wine & Dine also offers a delectable menu of international cuisine with a modern twist. ️

Think juicy steaks, flavorful pastas, and fresh seafood, all prepared with the finest ingredients and presented with artistic flair.

Don’t miss out on their new brunch menu, available daily from 10AM to 5PM, featuring a wide variety of delicious dishes in generous portions.

So, gather your crew and set your course for Pluto Wine & Dine!

This is your chance to escape the ordinary and experience a truly out-of-this-world dining adventure.

I hope this gives you a taste of what Pluto Wine & Dine has to offer!

I’m sure you’ll have a blast on your galactic culinary adventure!

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  • Adeline Ooi
    Adeline Ooi
    2 months ago

    The food was overall good, but the staff were not well-trained. When we walked into the restaurant and informed them of our appointment, one of the supervisors heard that our appointment was at 7pm and told the staff to ask us if we could finish before 8.30pm because the space was full. This is very ridiculous because we made the appointment a few weeks ago, and if the house is full, then they should not have accepted our appointment.Furthermore, around 8pm, when my boyfriend went to the counter to make payment, a waitress started cleaning the table while I was still finishing my drinks, and I ended up being forced to give way to them for cleaning because the waitress was very close to me.

    5 months ago

    We come to try their brunch at 10am sharp. The waitress friendly and provide good manner and service although the food serving is slow maybe they just starting provide brunch menu. Overall it’s satisfying.

  • marilyn Dass
    marilyn Dass
    a month ago

    Their promo brunch set is very good. Good quality and taste. Good service. Very nice ambience. 2nd visit and will repeat again.

  • Eileen Tay
    Eileen Tay
    a month ago

    Ordered Unagi Trout Roe RM 40+ but taste like RM 12.90. The overall taste is mushy and soggy, feel like eating porridge. This place is just overpriced and overrated. The interior and and their menu look ‘luxury’ but the food still much to improve, it doesn’t match their standard

  • Cath
    5 months ago

    Good atmosphere & service. ☺️ However, im just wondering if they have removed sliced truffle & golden flakes from the menu. Ordered the mushroom soup & pasta alla ruota but those were missing. Abit puzzled as they are part of the ingredient list in the menu. 🧐

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