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This world-renowned Japanese restaurant offers a unique blend of traditional and modern flavors.


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  • salt fox
    salt fox
    2 weeks ago

    I'm not sure what to say other than OMG come eat here! Please tey the TORO HEAD. OMG!!!!!We like nobu because eventhough they have a menu but they are willing to try and cook anything we want to eat! It's not easy to get chefs to prepare items off the menu but nobu is willing.We like to order the grilled okra and peppers. It's light and honestly good for diet. Hahah.This is our everyday go-to restaurant. The staff is amazing and kind. We come here so often that the chefs are even accommodating our special diets.We love it, and that's why we keep coming back. U can see here photos from different dinner dates that we had, and we have many!I would like to recommend the crab. The lamb. The tacos. The spicy prawn tempura. The lobster beetroot (not in menu) The yellow fish tale head (also not on menu) And for the kids, the pasta squid which isn't on the menu as well but dayummmm. Delicious!The flavours are amazing if you like to tickle your taste buds.Well, the point is, at this Nobu you just tell them what u want and they will do it! Feels like a private chef for half the price!

  • Azril Ariffin
    Azril Ariffin
    2 months ago

    I’m well aware about the price. But the dishes doesn’t match the price. We ordered the lobster, salmon, lamb, shrimp, few tempura, sashimi, other hot & cold dishes and dessert afterwards.I’m expecting some special taste, however the taste just too normal. If this place in your wish list restaurant, just think twice. But if you don’t mind spending, feel free to burn your money here.

  • cavin kho
    cavin kho
    2 months ago

    Love the food... Black cod miso and beef truffle is outstandingCan't really hear the waiter as he kind of mumbles, but we are grateful that we were allowed to switch to table next to window with the view of the water fountain at klcc park. There is rooms to improve on timing to serve our dishes, on 2 ocation we waited a bit too longThank you for making out anniversary a memorable one...

  • Nadie Rosli
    Nadie Rosli
    3 weeks ago

    It was our first time coming here at Nobu KL. I was a bit skeptical at first as I read some not so good comments from google. However we decided to give it a try and place booking month earlier for our anniversary.Angga, the restaurant manager assist us in choosing the dishes. We choosed the Nobu signature dishes & those only available in KL.It was so good & taste amazing. The highlights definitely the cold dish “ New Style Salmon” I can taste the yuzu, soy sauce & the sizzling oil with a hint of ginger. It was so good until I keep thinking about it now.We end our dinner with Sphre chocolate which I find it very interesting.I like the way the waiter explains every dishes whenever they serve us and also since we don’t take alcohols, they make sure our dishes doesn’t contain alcohols.Thank you Nobu KL for making our anniversary dinner memorable. We definitely will come back again.

  • JKwon
    3 months ago

    Living the luxury life when dropping by. Food is very good and matches pricing paid. Service is pleasant and place is peaceful and serene. Had a great time but wallet had a hole after I left. Overall experience is unforgettable. Good times.

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