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Experience the tantalizing flavors of Nasi Ganja Ipoh, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Ipoh. Despite its unusual name, this eatery serves up a culinary delight that will leave you craving more. Prepare to embark on a flavorful journey as you savor their signature dish: fragrant rice paired with a medley of delectable curry flavors.

The star of the show is the aromatic curry, bursting with a harmonious blend of spices that tantalize your taste buds. Each spoonful reveals layers of complexity and richness, complemented by tender chunks of meat or succulent seafood. The flavors are elevated further with the addition of crispy fried shallots, lending a delightful crunch to every bite. The experience is heightened by the vibrant sambal sauce, adding a spicy kick that perfectly balances the dish.

Don’t let the perpetual queue deter you, as the wait is well worth it. The popularity of Nasi Ganja Ipoh speaks volumes about its quality and taste. The attentive and friendly staff ensure a pleasant dining experience, adding to the overall charm of the place. Whether you’re a local or a traveler seeking an authentic culinary adventure, Nasi Ganja Ipoh promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will leave you craving their unique and addictive flavors.

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7,416 reviews
  • Addy’s Travel Picture

    Went early at around 9.30am on Sunday. Still, there are many people. Car park is a major hindrance to come to this restaurant.Ordered 3 Nasi Ganja with chicken, squid and fish egg. Cost us rm55, a decent price. 3 milo drinks with 1 set of ‘roti bakar goyang’ for rm20. Need to pay saperately for the 2 orders. Cash for the drinks payment while qr code payment was accepted for nasi ganja.The restaurant was setup with traditional vibe. Like the food & the ambience. Will come again but not in the near future.

  • Syafriz Takiyudin
    Syafriz Takiyudin
    2 months ago

    Cheap, fast, affordable and nice place to eat. Just get a seat, order food and drinks, 5 minutes later ready to eat. Iced coffee is so good, and rice with chicken priced @ RM6.80. Crowd is there but the staff managed them very well!

  • David Chuah
    David Chuah
    a month ago

    1) very inconvenient parking on a Sunday afternoon, especially for a group of 11 persons. 2) The fried chicken ribs and chicken breast are quite tough to bite, and pose as a challenge for my jaw and teeth. 3) The curry prawn looks nice, however the shrimp is not fresh. 4) The beef curry and coconut chilli paste are tasty, but i need to drink 750ml of mineral water to quench my thirst later.

  • kristina theo
    kristina theo
    a week ago

    Went there on weekdays for lunch and it quite full. Really love the nasi kandar and ice tea! The people there also really friendly.

  • Malaysia Food Hunter

    Visit date: 7/9/2023I know taste is subjective but this nasi ganja didn’t hit the spot for us at all. No oomph, the gravy mixtures just didn’t work for us. We’ve tried so many nasi kandar (similar to nasi ganja) that are wayyyy better.Note: The coffee shop owner doesn’t allow you dine without ordering any drinks. Doesn’t make sense to me cos the nasi ganja stall is a tenant and paying rental (I hope) so why can’t I dine at the shop eating your tenant’s food and not order any drinks? 🤔 Thankfully we never have such experience in KL

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