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Hainanese Heaven in Penang: Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Step into a time capsule of Penang’s culinary past at Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop! This iconic shophouse has been simmering up Hainanese comfort food for over 80 years, and each bite is a journey through generations.

Indulge in the undisputed king: Hainanese chicken rice. Tender, poached chicken glistens with a golden soy sauce glaze, nestled atop fluffy, fragrant rice. It’s a simple symphony that sings on your tongue.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Dive into the fiery depths of Penang laksa, a spicy noodle fiesta with shrimp and cockles. Or savor the creamy embrace of Johor laksa, a milder delight with chicken and tofu. Craving something smoky and savory? Char kway teow hits the spot, a stir-fried dance of noodles, prawns, and eggs.

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  • Vivien Tan
    Vivien Tan
    4 months ago

    Good old toast and eggs! Bread was perfectly toasted and fragrant but margerine lacks a little. Drinks were diluted so be sure to ask for kopi/ teh to be gao.

  • Sabah Kendo
    Sabah Kendo
    3 weeks ago

    Update 20/4/24 Visit again in their new shop. Still the same old taste.Best local coffee in town. Visit this coffee shop twice during my trip in Penang. Service is good and fast, staff very friendly. The coffee, the toast and the half boiled eggs are perfectly done. A very good place to relax after long walk in the surrounding.

  • pong Gim
    pong Gim
    7 months ago

    Not up to hype, just a kopitiam with old history. Toast n other can get in any kopitiam and there alot other much better taste to me.

  • K L (Tovi)
    K L (Tovi)
    a year ago

    During my recent trip to George Town, I had breakfast at Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop. While the food and coffee were decent, I wouldn't say they were exceptional.The breakfast was budget-friendly, which was a plus. However, the taste of the food was just average. It was satisfying enough to fill me up, but I didn't find myself craving more.Despite the average quality of the food and coffee, I did appreciate the quaint atmosphere of the coffee shop. It had an old-world charm that added to the overall experience.

  • Jeffrey Chan
    Jeffrey Chan
    a year ago

    The butter taste flavourful. Toasted bread is a bit tough and dry. Overall….can visit if u plan this place along the way of your itinerary.I saw patrons started to order the CKT when the CKT aunty arrived at her stall. I did not order the CKT. I did not observe WOW expression when they eat the noodles.The food shop assistant is friendly and well spoken in English. But the temperature of the food shop is warm even the weather is cloudy.

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