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Satisfy your sweet tooth at Kek Seng Café, an iconic Penang café. Indulge in their delightful ice kacang, cendol, and traditional desserts that are bursting with flavors. A must-visit destination for dessert lovers in Penang.


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  • Ann Meow
    Ann Meow
    5 months ago

    Satisfying meal with yummy chicken rice and kueh paitee! Duck egg char kway teow is ok only. The durian ice kacang is a nice dessert that you should try too, though the durian ice cream tastes a bit artificial

  • Ai Li
    Ai Li
    a month ago

    Nostalgic coffee shop with their signature ais kacang with the jelly & ice creams since my childhood days.Hainanese chicken rice was delicious. I liked it with the black soya sauce & their special chilli dip for the roasted chicken.Popiah was yum, and it just complemented the chicken rice. Visiting the first time in over 30 years. Will be back again.

  • Suibee Teoh
    Suibee Teoh
    3 months ago

    If you're looking for condiments such as atap chee (palm seeds), leong fun (grass jelly), tor tao (peanuts), lao hao (nutmeg), Gula Melaka, or sarsi-flavoured ice, or smooth snow ice, I'm sorry, but you won't find them in this bowl.But this is how I remembered a bowl of Kek Seng-style ice kacang, with its two scoops of homemade durian ice-cream and signature three-layer fruit jelly. Each bowl is now priced at RM6.20.

  • UnifiedCommunication Malaysia

    Kek Seng is one of the oldest kopi tiam in Penamg, established way back in the early 1900s. Over the years, the shop had seen the change of time, but Kek Seng remained at where it is today. It also had some nice food and old kopi tiam setting.

  • Gary Sim
    Gary Sim
    3 weeks ago

    The laksa is better than alooooot places ... dont need to go other places if crave for laksa.. thr gravy is thick and yummy

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