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Time travel through Ipoh’s soul, one sip at a time. ☕️

Sin Yoon Loong, brewing history since 1937, invites you to savor Ipoh’s iconic white coffee. ️☕

Vintage vibes meet creamy perfection in every cup. Smooth, nutty, with a hint of caramel – this isn’t just coffee, it’s an experience. ✨

Dip into Kaya toast, its golden crust cradling sweet coconut jam. A local legend born right here.

But Sin Yoon Loong’s charm goes beyond the brew.

  • Half-boiled eggs, sprinkled with pepper and soy sauce, a classic Ipoh breakfast.
  • Nasi Lemak, fragrant rice bursting with sambal, anchovies, and cucumber. ️
  • Spicy Mee Rebus, a noodle symphony in a rich, flavorful gravy.

Friendly smiles, marble floors, and wooden tables whisper of decades past. This isn’t just a coffee shop, it’s Ipoh’s beating heart.

Find your time capsule at A15, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh. Open 6:30am-2:30pm daily. ⏱️

Sin Yoon Loong: Where coffee meets history, and every sip takes you back. ✨

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1,600 reviews
  • Schubert Ho
    Schubert Ho
    a week ago

    Recently tried some Chee Cheong Fun in Ipoh, and it was absolutely fantastic. The rice noodle rolls were incredibly silky smooth, and the sauce was a perfect balance of sweetness, savory flavors, and a hint of spiciness. Despite its simplicity, this dish is incredibly satisfying. If you find yourself in Ipoh, make sure not to miss out on this culinary delight!

  • Julian Si
    Julian Si
    6 months ago

    Great old school shop lot environment like going back in time 50 years.The coffee here is the best in Ipoh town with lovely deep caramel notes, and great body too.Nice kaya toast too, but average egg tarts.

  • Darryl Chen
    Darryl Chen
    3 months ago

    Probably my favourite coffee in Ipoh. The food was good but I mainly come for the coffee, with most of my food orders from Nam Heong across the road. Both coffeeshops are friendly and allow food to be brought across as long as you drink their coffee.

  • C Report
    C Report
    a month ago

    Above average food. Can call food from neighbouring kopitiam. Toasted egg with bread so so. Roast pork seems to be very popular.

  • Tsunami33
    2 months ago

    Great kopi lady that’s specific and attentive. Love the egg texture. Nasi lemak bungkus was great too. Just wish they’d use butter instead or margarine on the bread.

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