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A Truly Malaysian Modern Restaurant & Event Venue

Conceptualized by Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, fondly known as Chef Wan, and Andre Shum, an award-winning F&B serial entrepreneur, De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is a culinary gem that brings Malaysia’s cultural food to life. It seamlessly combines traditional Malay cuisine from different parts of Malaysia with casual fine dining in a modern, inviting setting.

Inspired by British colonial heritage interior design, our venues are visual masterpieces. Each setting offers a feast for the eyes, providing a symphony of curated ambiance that delivers a dining experience above the ordinary.

Located at three prime locations across Malaysia’s central Klang Valley region, our restaurants can be found at The LINC KL, Bangsar Shopping Centre, and Bangi Resort Hotel.

About Chef Wan

Chef Wan is Malaysia’s culinary ambassador and the first from the country to star in his own cooking show. Honoured with top global awards, he’s penned numerous cookbooks and been the face of many TV programs. His life’s work revolves around showcasing our cherished Malaysian cuisine.

Chef Wan sees food as a living history, a mirror to our cultures, and a way to forge connections of friendship and regard. After spending more than two decades abroad, he’s come back to where his journey started: Kuala Lumpur.

For a deeper look into the life and culinary adventures of Chef Wan, make sure to visit our Introduction tab.


What’s more is that De.Wan 1958’s capacities stretch beyond the culinary. The venues serve as a versatile backdrop, ideal for a wide range of events, including:

Corporate Meetings, Product Launches, Art Exhibitions, Birthdays, Weddings


Google Reviews

2,695 reviews
  • Freddy Kua
    Freddy Kua
    a week ago

    This Michelin Guide restaurant is helmed by Malaysia's pride, affectionately known as Chef Wan. It has a British colonial inspired interior, spacious and comfortable. Staff was friendly and helpful.Here, I was pampered with a culinary feast that I could never have finished. Each dish is thoughtfully presented, and by reputation alone, I was sure that there would be no disappointment.Enjoyed every dish there and had a great time.

  • Radiant Judgement
    Radiant Judgement
    a month ago

    Excellent service. All the staffs are ready to serve you without delay.Food standard definitely deserve Michelin and best of the best.Environment is perfect and well renovate.A few things to take note, hope they can increase nanga dessert portion. And also curry chicken portion. Hope they come out with picture food menu, sometimes hard visionlize how the food look like;non local waitress can't introduce food well enough.

  • Andrew Goh
    Andrew Goh
    in the last week

    I'd describe the food here as similar to what you'd find at a typical restaurant outside, but served in a more refined setting. The interior is beautifully decorated, and the service is very attentive. We arrived at 1:30 PM after a late breakfast. This branch shares similarities with others. We ordered rendang chicken, curry prawn, and fried petai with onion. These dishes seemed quite ordinary, with the prawns not particularly fresh. The meat was stuck to the shell and served lukewarm and quickly, suggesting that most dishes may have been pre-cooked and reheated upon ordering. The rendang chicken was flavorful but the meat was tough, indicating it might have been cooked for an extended period. The fried petai was decent, but the petai lacked crunchiness and took a while to chew, possibly due to using overgrown petai. A simple vegetable dish without prawns or squid cost $28 ringgit per plate. The service was good, although the cashier took longer to settle my boss because we used the "Fun Now" app to purchase our meal. Despite spending $187, we had a voucher worth $200, but the cashier refused to refund the difference, which was disappointing. I would have expected at least a complimentary drink or dessert. Overall, if you're seeking authentic local Malay cuisine, it may not be worth your money to dine here, as there are plenty of options outside that cost significantly less.

  • Yang Wan Ping
    Yang Wan Ping
    3 months ago

    The experience was not very good. We are arranged to a corner spot with air conditioner beside us, no good decos, no nothing, table was very shaky. Told 2 waiters a few times that we want to change tables as the air conditioner was facing us, and that at least to a warmer place, but no one responded. But when we told another waitress again, she was not welcoming, and just turned the air conditioner to another direction. We also mentioned that we reserved spot and we should get a good spot, this is a new year celebration for us, and then she said that all people have reserved table. This was so bad!We also told her that the table was shaky and she just slip 2 tissues only, I have pictures! This is also not great for a Michelin restaurant to serve their guest like that, it was an unacceptable experience.Worst still, I have sensed that they don’t really like locals. When we are paying the bill, the staff just put the machine onto the table with one hand with a bang. They greet the table near us who are Malays and foreign guests, with happy new year but say thank you to us only, without any eye contact.The food was rather scrumptious but the attitude of the staffs ruined the experience of a good restaurant and better off we get another place!

  • TK Y
    TK Y
    in the last week

    It is my personal opinion that the culinary offerings at this establishment are of exceptional quality and authenticity, truly representing the essence of Malaysian cuisine.This venue provides an ideal setting for both professional and personal gatherings, allowing colleagues, friends, and families to come together and enjoy the delectable dishes on offer.Their Ayam Rendang, Cucur Udang, Sotong Sambal Petai, Ayam Keluak, and Som Som are all recommended and offer a truly authentic Malaysian dining experience.

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