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A true Malaysian concept brought to life by Datuk Dr. Chef Wan, Malaysia’s infamous celebrity chef! Come experience ethnic and fusion Malays cuisines. There are two restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, with perfect spacious modern venues to cater for any type of event.

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  • Nora R
    Nora R
    2 weeks ago

    It’s an upmarket Malay restaurant owns by a celebrity chef. Popular and was busy when we were there for lunch. Nice atmosphere and nicely decorated. Service was efficient. They have multinational employees.Great menu and good size portions of food. Food was delicious but the squids were a little chewy. I hope the restaurant will look into this. I’m not taking any star away because this doesn’t tarnish it’s reputation in my eyes.I’m looking forward to go back for more!

  • Samuel Tan
    Samuel Tan
    in the last week

    Amazing Malay Cuisine presented in fine dining atmosphere. Let's talk about the great stuff 👍🏼1) Friendly, attentive and fast services 2) Reasonable tasty cuisine 3) Reasonable prices, for such an amazing place and setupSomething could have been better 👎🏼 4) The age of the restaurant beginning to show. Some revamp or refresh would help

  • Wei Xiong
    Wei Xiong
    a month ago

    I love everything about the dining experience here. The food is a bit pricey in Malaysian standard, but every dish tastes excellent! I especially like the salads in the platter. Also the service is exceptional, everyone is welcoming, considerate and pays attention to details. I didn't even need to ask before they found out my hands got messy and brought me wet tissues. Highly recommend this place.

  • Camie Lam
    Camie Lam
    2 months ago

    Have always wanted to try this place as it’s run by none but the legendary culinary master Chef Wan. Many have reviewed this place and its food was nothing but flavourful and great.All the dishes were rich in taste, very flavourful and you can already tell from the looks of it, a burst of spices and a hearty meal.Four dishes and a dessert for a party of 4 are plenty. The portion was decent and if you are a small eater, go with less dishes. Trust me, you want to have rice with these dishes. If you ever order dessert, do note that they are meant for sharing. The size of the cendol was huge and a bit tad too sweet for my liking.As the restaurant also offers banquet service to cater large occasion, we were sat at the entrance of the banquet hall. Leaving a strong contrast of how bare our surrounding is compared to the restaurant interior design filled with beautiful print of flowers and decoration.Service though attentive, some minor flaw still happened. 4 sets of plates were set but only 3 sets of utensils were given.Nonetheless, it was great food and expected for the price we paid. A nice place to bring friends for an authentic Malaysian food.

  • Joseph Chua Chin Wei

    The restaurant boasts lovely decor and delicious food. The service was exceptional, and to top it off, it happened to be my birthday that day. The staff surprised me with a heartfelt rendition of the birthday song and a complimentary birthday cake. Their kindness made my birthday truly unforgettable. I'm immensely grateful for the wonderful experience at De.Wan Restaurant.

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