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Korean BBQ & fresh cuisine for everyone

One of Malaysia’s longest running Korean barbecue restaurant continues to excel: quality and classic flavors. With a large dining space and a solid takeout situation, Daorae has endured because of its dedicated following and impressive execution. Try the naengmyeon with a combination meat platter to impress anyone looking for great Korean barbecue.

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  • Stella Qian
    Stella Qian
    5 months ago

    Service was good. They change the grill Plate automatically without you asking. Overall the food was considered good.. side dishes is generous and u can ask for more. Overall ambience is good as well. This is actually my repeated visit to the place.

  • Yong Jian Rong
    Yong Jian Rong
    4 months ago

    Great service from start till end.We ordered Set 3 for 2 pax priced at RM138. Price is reasonable, serving is big, look at all the side dishes!Waiter was there to supervise the cutting and grilling from start to end, awesome service!Free refill of side dishes is available, and steamed egg and watermelon were served at the end.

  • Jas
    a year ago

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy while the staff cooks and cuts the meat for you. The service was exceptional. The staff were extremely polite and attentive. The grill pan was also changed immediately after grilling each meat so it was always clean. It was not smokeless but the food and service makes up for it. The food was very decent and affordable, side dishes were constantly refilled too. Asked for hot water and they served it to me in a pot! We kind of ordered too much for two but we will definitely be back for more. Highly recommended.

  • Cheng Yang Kng
    Cheng Yang Kng
    2 months ago

    Terribly salty… all cook by bangala… we wonder still eating korean food… every bite and swallow our kidney also shake… really feel like Salt Bae is in the kitchen

  • Beatrice Chan
    Beatrice Chan
    9 months ago

    quite pricey~ but all the korean food around the area is the same price so I guess it’s normal. food was okay, staff will help you cook the meat, ours was a little over-cooked but i guess it depends on your preference! i enjoyed the scallion pancake, kimchi soup was quite spicy. we ordered 2-3 person set meal for 2 of us, felt that it isn’t enough for 3 people.

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