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Tucked away from the bustle of the city, and nestled within the chic compound of Sentul Park…is Bistro Richard. A quiet little gem, amidst the limited F&B scene around KLPac, this bistro has a little something for everyone.

Red&white chequered tablecloths, solid wooden Oak panels, all cosily lit by Tiffany stained-glass lamps, Bistro Richard boasts the feel of a typical European bistro, uniquely set in a lush, tropical garden setting.

Bistro Richard opened its doors in April 2013, armed with Chef Richard Low’s cullinary experience spanning over three decades. Retirement couldn’t stop Richard from his cullinary passion.  It was this very fire that led to the conception of this cozy establishment.

This friendly neighbourhood bistro boasts a classic European menu, ideal for family-style dining as well as romantic dining.  Housing a selection of wines and beers from around the world, and offering mouth-watering European cuisine, Bistro Richard procures ingredients for its offerings, daily.

Richard’s mantra of “catch and cook” ensures that only the freshest ingredients go into his dishes…right from garden herbs hand-picked from the backyard, to quite simply, the catch of the day.

Bistro Richard’s offers a variety of classics Bistro dishes, not forgetting some local favourites on the menu too. The beginning of the month also features new monthly specials; and ladies get a free treat every Thursday night, perfect for winding down after catching that show next door.

Dining solo? The solid oak bar and LCD wide-screen tuned to the sports channel, provides perfect company, as the night wears on…

Bistro Richard truly has a little something for everyone; even those looking to host private parties or cozy corporate functions; be it indoor in its tastefully decorated dining area, or outdoor, in its spacious courtyard. To top it all off, a tailor made menu is available to cater to every occasion.

As Chef Richard himself puts it, “Satisfaction has a flavour.”

Make Reservation by Calling +603-4041 3277

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  • Laser Loke
    Laser Loke
    6 months ago

    Arrived at 3pm, and we are the only ones. Good environment, ambiance, service. BUT food is not worth the price. The coq au vin’s chicken breast is not tender. Escargot garlic taste covered everything else. Sea bass is edible. Only the carbonara is quite nice.

  • jimmy00123456789
    6 months ago

    The restaurant is situated in a quiet and beautiful location. The food is of very high quality and very tasty. The atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant is lovely and relaxing. Highly recommended if you want high quality Western food in a quiet restaurant!!🥰

  • Sara Cempaka
    Sara Cempaka
    6 months ago

    The restaurant resided next to a beautiful lake with ducks and fountains. However, the food took a long time to be served and were unworthy for the price. A RM 30 chicken chop came with only tomato and one piece of pineapple on top that tasted stale. Fettuccine carbonara was only ham and mushroom. There are no sides or garnishes, seems like very little efforts put on making the dishes.

  • Wanderer38
    a week ago

    Came here for anniversary celebration. Food is good not excellent at that price range. What shines here is the environment, very quiet and peaceful. Was abit worried at first when I saw review said there's mosquito here. Lucky that there isn't any, had a very nice dining experience. Service also very good, the waiter Riz take the initiative to take photos for me and my wife. If you come here solely for the food, then it might not up to your expectations, but if you also appreciate service and environment, you can give it a try.

  • Meagen Liew
    Meagen Liew
    3 months ago

    Environment : 4/5 (nice setting but got mosquitoes)Value for price : 3/5 (pricey as I expected better taste and quality)Service : 3/5 (normal cafe service)

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