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Away from the hustle-bustle city life, Bistro Richard at Sentul Park is one of the hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

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Bon appetite with our main course that origins from classic French country-style cuisine —— Pan Grilled Sea Bass Provencal, sweet and festive Christmas Pudding dessert and choose your glass of house red / white wine All these for just RM 105+ per pax! 2022年圣诞节,Bistro Richard 恭候您的到来~
体验 Klang Valley 最浪漫,仿佛置身于欧洲的林间小餐厅,Bistro Richard 是您创造美好回忆的最佳选择~ ※ 不要错过我们仅有一天的限定圣诞套餐,美食配美景和美人让感情升温 现在就马上联络我们预约最抢手的湖边好位置~!等你哦!
※ 2022 Bistro Richard 圣诞节一日限定套餐 ※
香煎普罗旺斯海鲈鱼 搭配 法式玉米面和水芹
Pan Grilled Sea Bass Provencal with Polenta and Watercress
Christmas Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
红 / 白葡萄酒
Choice of House Red or White Wine

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  • jimmy00123456789
    3 months ago

    The restaurant is situated in a quiet and beautiful location. The food is of very high quality and very tasty. The atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant is lovely and relaxing. Highly recommended if you want high quality Western food in a quiet restaurant!!🥰

  • Laser Loke
    Laser Loke
    3 months ago

    Arrived at 3pm, and we are the only ones. Good environment, ambiance, service. BUT food is not worth the price. The coq au vin’s chicken breast is not tender. Escargot garlic taste covered everything else. Sea bass is edible. Only the carbonara is quite nice.

  • Sara Cempaka
    Sara Cempaka
    3 months ago

    The restaurant resided next to a beautiful lake with ducks and fountains. However, the food took a long time to be served and were unworthy for the price. A RM 30 chicken chop came with only tomato and one piece of pineapple on top that tasted stale. Fettuccine carbonara was only ham and mushroom. There are no sides or garnishes, seems like very little efforts put on making the dishes.

  • Meagen Liew
    Meagen Liew
    2 weeks ago

    Environment : 4/5 (nice setting but got mosquitoes)Value for price : 3/5 (pricey as I expected better taste and quality)Service : 3/5 (normal cafe service)

  • Pc Phoebe
    Pc Phoebe
    5 months ago

    Last minute only think about Richard when want western food with some nice ambience.. Saw their reviews and few not that good.. But i still go try. To be honest, their services is top. Maybe that time i went, not that much customers so they can serve us well. There are friendly and kind. I choose to sit near the lake for the both of us. Thank God that afternoon, it's raining, so when we sit outside, it's chill and not even one mosquito came out to suck my blood. Salmon piza was good just slightly salty on the middle. But it's a good experience to dine in there. Will i go again? Yes by the way, it's hiding inside.. You need pass thru the yard and drive deeply inside till you saw richard

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