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One of the best features at MeatPoint is that they offer a wide range of meat- Wagyu, Black Angus, Grain Fed, Lamb, you name it! It is not a wonder that Muslims and non- Muslims alike come around to enjoy a plate of pure beauty

You can choose the size of your meat, followed by how well done do you want your steak to be. It sure is pretty amazing to know how much freedom you hold in order to have the best steak!


Want to have a romantic dinner for you and a loved one? Let us help you arrange an experience you’ll never forget!

Here at MeatPoint, we try out best to fulfil our customers’ every need. Our halal meats will leave you satisfied, every time.

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  • Azaharin Abd Latiff

    Located in TTDI Burhanuddin Helmi road. It has 2 units at ground floors with 3 unit at 1st floor. Better to make reservation as it is always full with customers.Service is good and professional. Atmosphere is cozy and comfortable for a steak house ‘where steak lovers meet’. Clean and hygienic with minimal decoration.Food and portions acceptable. For steak meat, you need to select the type and weight for them to grille to your liking. Price slightly on the high side but commensurate with the portions. Not affordable for average income earner as per person meal may exceed RM100.A nice and good place to experience juicy lamb or steak. Wagyu, Angus or Grain fed meat is available to choose from. Well worth it if you can afford it. Maybe just for special occasions….

  • Nadra Auria
    Nadra Auria
    a month ago

    Overall, the food was delicious. We had a marvelous experience here. The service is top-notch. Everyone is welcoming and warm. The environment is also great. The place is beautiful. Additionally, they also provide complimentary services for capturing and printing photos. Not to forget, Aias provided us with awesome service too :) Since it was our first time here, he even gave us complimentary desserts.

  • Aishah Wahab
    Aishah Wahab
    a month ago

    Absolutely enjoyed our dinner here!The ordering system for steaks is a little confusing since the fridge to select your meat is placed in the middle of the room, away from the waiters. It’d be good to have a small instruction in that area.Otherwise, our steaks were delicious, and we loved that you could reheat your steaks on the charcoal plate they give you! The service was also great - we received a complimentary family photo and desserts for a birthday. Would absolutely come here again to celebrate special occasions!

  • Basiir Rahim
    Basiir Rahim
    a month ago

    From the moment I stepped into Meat Point Steakhouse TTDI, I knew I was in for a treat. The ambiance set the stage for what was to be an unforgettable dining experience.The Angus T-Bone was a masterpiece, grilled to perfection with a beautiful sear on the outside while remaining succulent and flavorful on the inside. The scallops were a revelation, each bite melting in my mouth, complemented by a delicate buttery sauce that enhanced their natural sweetness.The chicken chop deserves a special mention for its juiciness and the perfect blend of herbs that seasoned it just right. It was comfort food elevated to a gourmet level.To top it all off, the chocolate shake was rich and decadent, a chocolate lover’s dream come true. The strawberry shake was equally impressive, with a fresh and fruity flavor that provided a refreshing counterbalance to tMeat Point Steakhouse TTDI is a gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. The quality of the food, the attentive service, and the warm atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for all food enthusiasts.

  • Nurul Farahain
    Nurul Farahain
    a month ago

    The steak is very affordable compared to other steak places i have ever been. Every steak comes with 2 side dishes and the sides are very delicious and not basic side dishes. Came for celebrating annivesary, and we got a free anniversary treats with candle and song played. Very nice and good place for your anniversary. Recommended !!! 💞💞 will come again soon!

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