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Craving a slice of paradise without leaving Kedah? Look no further than Bali Bali Hai Cafe, a hidden oasis where Indonesian flavors collide with tropical vibes to create a culinary escape unlike any other. Nestled in Alor Setar, this vibrant cafe transports you to the heart of Bali with its mouthwatering dishes, refreshing drinks, and laid-back atmosphere.

A Feast for the Senses: Bali Bali Hai Cafe isn’t your average cafe. Their menu is a symphony of Indonesian street food and classic comfort dishes, each one bursting with fresh flavors and exotic spices. Dive into their signature Nasi Lemak Bali, with fragrant coconut rice, sambal, and a variety of flavorful toppings like rendang or tempeh. For a taste of seafood heaven, try the Spicy Creamy Clams, a medley of succulent clams swimming in a rich and fiery coconut milk sauce. And don’t forget to indulge in the Crispy Rendang Spring Rolls, a unique twist on the Indonesian classic, served with a sweet and spicy chili dip.

Beyond the Eats: While the food takes center stage, Bali Bali Hai Cafe offers a complete sensory experience. Vibrant murals depicting lush Balinese landscapes adorn the walls, transporting you to a tropical paradise. Tropical tunes fill the air, adding to the laid-back vibe. And on weekends, live music performances by local artists further heighten the atmosphere.

Drinks Worth Sipping: No escape to Bali is complete without refreshing drinks. Bali Bali Hai Cafe serves up a selection of authentic Indonesian beverages alongside classic iced coffees and teas. Quench your thirst with a sweet and creamy Teh Tarik, or try the aromatic Teh Cendawan, a unique tea brewed with mushrooms. Feeling adventurous? Sample the Jamu, a traditional Indonesian health tonic made with herbs and spices.

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  • Janssen Cheah
    Janssen Cheah
    3 months ago

    Noisy place after 9pm. Chairs not very comfortable. Can't sit long comfortably to relax. Service just average due to understaffed. Food is nice for the grill chicken & salmon salad. No smoking environment. Kilkenny served water more den beer not recommended. Guiness is ok. Not a place if you need it quiet & relaxed. Parking is limited & need park outside beside road. Have a live band at 9pm. Songs sung are chinese, english & thai songs. If you drink a lot betta use alternative routes or 'Grab' due to route to Lotus direction, favourite spot for police blocking after drinking, jfyio. Anyways its average but not my favourite spot, personal preference only. Cheers.

  • Sau Chris
    Sau Chris
    4 months ago

    We ordered Pork Hawaii, Pork Blanket,etc., They served it even though all of them burnt. Carbonara is ok, pork satay is good. Service not bad. May be due to CNY and many customers. But definitely won’t go there again. Price doesn’t match with the quality of food.

  • Chu Xian
    Chu Xian
    2 years ago

    They added a new section for Yakitori, awesome environment and tasty food, many choices and very cheap, start from RM 3 per stick. Totally worth it! Should try

  • y z
    y z
    2 years ago

    Small portion food, overprice, no ppl serve and we have to keep looking for them to order. 3 food more than rm100. The food quality totally drop

  • Lisa Tong
    Lisa Tong
    a year ago

    Very good service and ambiance. The melt in your mouth wagyu beef is to die for. Love the truffle pizza and unagi rice too . Would definitely be back !

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