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This cafe is a favorite among hipsters and co-workers for its exposed brick walls and antique telephones.

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  • Maverick Ng
    Maverick Ng
    3 months ago

    Very comfortable place to have lunch. It feels cozy. Food is great and drinks good too. The price is average.

  • Whitney B
    Whitney B
    10 months ago

    Hidden amongst the chaos of Jonker this cafe was a little peaceful oasis. Wonderful service and I loved the iced latte I had (with Oat milk). Despite the other reviews, the service I had was great. The lady made nice recommendations and it was nice to take a break from the business of Friday. Preferred it far more than Daily Fix!

  • gane boy
    gane boy
    2 months ago

    The food & the atmosphere is top notch!But dissapointed with the toilet.Theres no soap in the toilet nor even tissue!!U expect everyone to carry sanitizers and tissues everywhere?Cant expect everyone to use unwashed hand and eat altho the utensils are cute🫢Seriously owner take this note.And remove the chai latte from the menu! Why is is still there?to attract customers to walk in and order chai latte only to be disappointed to be told of its sold off!?seriously owner get a grip👎

  • Muhammad Danial
    Muhammad Danial
    4 months ago

    It brings back some valuable memories dining here. I ordered salted egg duck and iced belgium chocolate and iced water. I don’t drink coffee much, but I do like the sweet taste of iced mocha and iced caramel macchiato or cappuccino. The other coffee taste bitterAnyways, Backlane Coffee offers a delightful experience for coffee enthusiasts. The aromatic brews, cozy ambiance and atmosphere. A must-visit spot for those who appreciate quality coffee in a charming setting.Near inside cafe, they are shops selling gifts, souvenirs and also clothing as other attractions when you visit the cafe ☕️

    a year ago

    Not my first time here but walked in earlier today for Brunch with my Good Lady & stumbled upon the worst service & food ever!! The lone Waitress at the counter was more interested in serving English-Speaking tourists than Locals. As for the food, have a look at photos of the Main Dishes which each cost > RM15.00…… Paid RM76.00 for 2 iced Lattes, a Garden Salad, 2 Poached Eggs & a Side Order - what a Horrible Experience!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

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