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Step back in time, where Nyonya magic simmers in Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery!

Michelin-starred acclaim whispers through vintage shophouse walls, a testament to generations of Nyonya culinary wisdom.

Auntie Gaik Lean, a third-generation chef, stirs memories into each dish, her passion a fragrant spice in every bite. Assam Laksa’s fiery symphony dances on your tongue, Ayam Goreng Berempah’s golden armor shatters to reveal tender secrets.

Pineapple fish sizzles in sweet and spicy Ikan Nenas Assam Pedas, its aroma a love letter to Penang’s heritage. Pulut Hitam, a black glutinous embrace, whispers of comfort at meal’s end.

But Auntie Gaik Lean’s magic goes beyond the Michelin plate. Warm smiles, shared stories, and laughter fill the air, weaving a tapestry of welcome and family.

Come hungry, leave with a heart full of Nyonya warmth and a palate singing with memories. This isn’t just a meal, it’s a Penang treasure waiting to be discovered.

Embrace the legacy, savor the flavors. Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery: Where Nyonya magic transcends time and taste!

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  • Serene Lim
    Serene Lim
    2 weeks ago

    Food is very real and v home cooked taste and feel. Staff are very friendly and gave good recommendation and will let you know portion is enough.Decor is classic and nice. Tables are placed with good distance apart so you don’t have to hear other conversation and can enjoy your meal.Please reserve in advance as walk in is zero chance.

  • Sirinya Suttapong
    Sirinya Suttapong
    3 months ago

    Visited this family-run gem today, and the owner's friendliness made the experience memorable. The Penang cuisine they made exceeded expectations, with every dish showcasing remarkable flavors. This place definitely deserves a Michelin star, especially with the standout Nasi Ulam that shouldn't be missed!

    5 months ago

    When you travel abroad You never know if a restaurant is good or not even by reading reviews. One thing that helps me plan my restaurant search is the Michelin Guide. It doesn't have to be a Michelin star. As long as it's a recommended shop I'd be happy to give it a try. This is the first time I have the opportunity to visit Penang. And even luckier at the restaurant I came from. Got 1 Michelin starThis place has good booking management. I made a reservation 2 weeks in advance with a deposit of RM100. And it will be deducted from the amount of food we use.This dish can be said to be a cold dish. It is a combination of herbs, rice and dried fish. I like the taste of it. Appropriate to the 1 star you received.The atmosphere and service were very good. And most importantly, the food prices are very reasonable.

  • Tom Lim
    Tom Lim
    a month ago

    Went during the weekday for dinner at this one-star Michelin restaurant, specialising in Nyonya Penang food. Need to reserve online in advance as very popular. We (me and mom) only ordered four dishes and a dessert (Sago to share). They were all delicious despite not a surprise as the food reminds me of childhood home cooked meals by my grandma. The staff were friendly and helpful. Around RM180 for 2 of us. I would score 7/10

  • Carol Tan
    Carol Tan
    4 months ago

    Absolutely delighted with the culinary experience at this restaurant! The food surpassed our expectations—simply delicious! Everyone in our group couldn't stop raving about the flavors and quality. We're already making plans to return for more mouthwatering moments. Highly recommend this gem for an unforgettable dining experience! 👍

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