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The cafe experience is one of the central fabrics of life of the European society. From past to present, cafes in Italy, France, Spain, Austria and the former Yugoslavian states have been playing their roles as meeting places for the communities that surround them.

This idea of cafe and cafe life immigrated to Australia and New Zealand after World War II. Many of the immigrants arrived at their new countries only to find that cafe culture (as we know it today) did not exist! Rather than wallowing in despair, the new Aussies and Kiwis set about building a new bred of cafes.

Antipodean Cafe takes its very soul from the cafes that have gone before it, not only in the Antipodes, but also in Europe. The goal is to create a meeting place, a central spot where expatriates and locals can meet, chat, gossip, romance and chill out over a cup of excellent coffee and a plate of good tucker. Other than providing a great cafe experience, we took it upon us to ensure the cafe culture will continue to flourish with the times.


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  • David Fu
    David Fu
    a week ago

    Big portion but good grub with comfortable seating. It is one of the few places where pancakes are served. The Moroccan lamb sandwich is one of the must try. Its sourdough bread is amazing.

  • WorstDad
    a week ago

    Place was packed when I arrived at c.9am. Had to settle for a table outside. Thing about the external seating is that the smell from the drain as well as roaches. Saw a huge roach crawling into the drain. Did not want to risk the insect coming towards out seats hence move a little bit away from the sidewalk. Staff was accomodating.Food was good as always. Can't go wrong with the big breakfast. Missed the free coffee as we ordered past 9am but that is fine. They missed a big breakfast that we ordered hence had to wait while the r3st enjoyed their meal.

  • Khansa Gian
    Khansa Gian
    in the last week

    I had brunch there with my friend, the weather was nice so I chose a table outside and the waiter gave me the table under the fan to help in case it gets hot. Great ambience around, great service from the friendly staff especially Mahadir (?) the one who attended to us. Recommended and will come back!

  • Koh Yu Qing
    Koh Yu Qing
    2 months ago

    amazing western cuisine with a wide variety of dishes! they write all the dishes on the board but you can choose to view the online menu. big breakfast / all-day breakfast is recommended! (the pic is big breakfast) eggs benedict has always been good and french bread with ham and maple syrup is good! there's even another option where it comes with some banana slices coffee is good !

  • Louis Lim
    Louis Lim
    2 months ago

    I believe this is one of the best cafes in KL. Great service and great ambience. Went there for breakfast during a weekday and got a free coffee with cute latte art. I like how the food tastes. To some, it might be bland or not flavourful for the typical Malaysian taste bud. But for me, it is just the right taste. Tried their haiwaiian pizza and I like it. Looking forward to try their other menu items next time. Hopefully they can keep up the good work.

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