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103 coffee was founded in 2014 on the vision to establish a cafe forever grounded to specialty coffee.  Being one of the pioneers to specialty coffee in Malaysia, our journey was not a clear one. Nevertheless, each cup we brought forward daily led us to the growth of our passionate team, as did our confidence to compete in tournaments.

Joining the first championship was 3; Ken Wong, Irvine Quek and Jewel Ting. It was a national championship where we brought back 2 awards. 2 years later, we took a step further and brought back our first international championship. Little did we know,championships became a generational impulse.

Gaining experience as well as acknowledgement led us to wanting more for our customer, which was how our roastery was established in the year 2017. In many following years, we hope to always be vital to the beverage industry, bringing the coffee community into greater public awareness through creative coffee experiences,bridging the knowledge gap between novices and experts.

Our beans, ranging from espresso roast to filter roast and drip bags, are typically selected from the best farms.  After harvesting, our skilled roasters take on the responsibility of  bringing out every beans’ unique aroma and fragrance. As we take much pride in the quality of our arabica beans, we believe that every step in making coffee weighs into its taste. Proceeding to sort each tray of roasted beans after roasting ensures that the percentage of defective beans are controlled, delivering consistency in every pack. All in the effort to redefine Black Coloured Beverages as flat.

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  • cecilia chin kee
    cecilia chin kee
    2 weeks ago

    103 Coffee delivers an exquisite dining experience with its enchanting ambiance and tantalizing salads. However, the hefty price tags may leave wallets feeling lighter than expected. With a slight adjustment in pricing, this culinary haven could become an unbeatable destination for food enthusiasts seeking a memorable feast.

  • Shawn Quah
    Shawn Quah
    4 months ago

    I was brought to this place by my girlfriend's parents and I thought it was a normal run of the mill coffee place, but boy was I wrong. The atmosphere was nice and chill. The service was good with helpful staff. That being said the highlight for me is the food and coffee. I personally recommend their tacos and honey bear coffee. Their strawberry latte is a great option too! Overall a nice place to chat and catch up.

  • Encarni Ruiz Alcaide

    Super organised staff ready to accommodate you in and they are good facilitator of menu descriptions with helpful explanations.Coffee smell is amazing. Taste of food and flavour of coffee is wonderful.Only I would change is the level of music at the background, restaurant was full so people talk louder and makes the environment super noisy.That’s my personal opinion.Maybe it helps

  • Ong Wai Kean
    Ong Wai Kean
    2 weeks ago

    It seemed like a popular cafe that opened at 11 am and when we were shown our way upstairs, the place was already 70% full at 11:05 am!The food section of the menu is fully inspired by Japanese cooking with mostly fusion dishes. So we went along and ordered mostly the fusion types with the exception of the big breakfast that was named Farmer's Plate. There are also some very interesting coffee drinks with very interesting names. Apparently they have a few award winning or entries in competitions on selection. A bevy of coffee art was also a part of the selection.Farmer's Plate The food started on shaky ground with this plate. Everything was mostly bland except for the unappetizing look of the grilled mushroom on this plate of scrambled eggs, beef bacon and sausages. That piece of mushroom was really tasty with its natural umami flavor comes to the forefront, mingling with the smoky char from the grill. Its meaty interior had a juicy tenderness to the bite.10 inch Unagi Pizza With a sprinkle of cubed Unagi in teriyaki sauce set against the cheesy but crispy pizza bread, you get the best of both worlds. Just imagine the tantalizing sweetness of the teriyaki infused unagi adding more character to the mozzarella cheese. All of this is further enhanced by the oceanic umami flavor of the nori on top. Perhaps only one complaint is warranted - too little Unagi.Tuna Tataki Soba Coming off from the farmer's plate and then the pizza, my first bite of the soba noodle was quite bland. As I dig deeper into it, the flavors slowly revealing themselves to me. The ponzu based sauce was citrussy and complemented well with heaps of nori on top once you have given the noodle a thorough toss up. As for the lightly seared tuna, we're not in Japan so no expectation at all to its taste.Gomayaki Beef Steak Udom It was fried udon with sesame sauce that had adequate wok hey. A small surprise in the form of orange zest gave this dish a slight tangy taste that works well with the nutty taste of the udon that is soaked with the sesame sauce. The Angus beef steak surprisingly lacked that beefy flavor and did not contribute much to the dish.Coffee Rum Cheesecake Those rum jelly embedded within the cheesecake somehow elevates the taste of this piece of cheesecake. The alcohol is like a flavor carrier that adds a touch of bitterness to the richness of the cheesecake. A very pleasant complex of tastes is achieved with this combination.As for the coffee, mine was a fancy Dragon's Mist that tasted more like an orange juice than a coffee. It was still a sight to behold and being the sucker that I always am, I ordered it just for its aesthetics.

  • Sean Chin
    Sean Chin
    2 weeks ago

    We ordered the Griill chicken with Onigiri and Salmon rice with miso. Both tasted very good. However, we waited for more than 30min for the food to be served! The lattes we ordered also tasted perfect. The prices of the food is higher than average. For repeat visits, the speed of service definitely needs to be improved.

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