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103 coffee was founded in 2014 on the vision to establish a cafe forever grounded to specialty coffee.  Being one of the pioneers to specialty coffee in Malaysia, our journey was not a clear one. Nevertheless, each cup we brought forward daily led us to the growth of our passionate team, as did our confidence to compete in tournaments.

Joining the first championship was 3; Ken Wong, Irvine Quek and Jewel Ting. It was a national championship where we brought back 2 awards. 2 years later, we took a step further and brought back our first international championship. Little did we know,championships became a generational impulse.

Gaining experience as well as acknowledgement led us to wanting more for our customer, which was how our roastery was established in the year 2017. In many following years, we hope to always be vital to the beverage industry, bringing the coffee community into greater public awareness through creative coffee experiences,bridging the knowledge gap between novices and experts.

Our beans, ranging from espresso roast to filter roast and drip bags, are typically selected from the best farms.  After harvesting, our skilled roasters take on the responsibility of  bringing out every beans’ unique aroma and fragrance. As we take much pride in the quality of our arabica beans, we believe that every step in making coffee weighs into its taste. Proceeding to sort each tray of roasted beans after roasting ensures that the percentage of defective beans are controlled, delivering consistency in every pack. All in the effort to redefine Black Coloured Beverages as flat.


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  • Marylin Go
    Marylin Go
    a week ago

    Perfect place to work or study. Perfect lighting and ac temp Their coffees are great and super creative (also super cute!!) Good cakes too! Tbh, i underestimated their alcoholic cake at first.. they're strong!!

    3 weeks ago

    103 coffee offers different category of fusion coffees which will make u to come back again & again. Even though their food selection is also good but I believe the crowd comes for their coffees. I personally love the 'Honey bear', sunrise and oat grey latte. Good place for coffee lovers

    a month ago

    This is my favorite place so far in this area. I thank the employees and thank them for their good treatment and for their speed in submitting the order. I ordered pizza with tomatoes and cheese and my rating was 10/10. I also ordered Honey Bear and it was very nice. Thank you very much for this comfortable place and the wonderful orders.

  • Maslinda Brown
    Maslinda Brown
    3 weeks ago

    103 Coffee is renowned for its roastery and training center.The staff provides attentive service, but be prepared for weekend crowds. Food will be served slightly late.Prices average around RM35+ per person. Coffee is about RM14, depending on which coffee you would like to drink.A convenient perk is the nearby parking lot right in front of the cafe.

  • Sharon Choong
    Sharon Choong
    a month ago

    Nice cafe with a lot of creative coffee & great food! Have a family gathering at their private room. Really enjoy my time!For coffee, love their Picolo latte & Yuzu latte. For food, love the unagi pizza, truffle mushroom pizza and fish & chips. Definitely will return again!

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