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Known for its extensive buffet spread featuring local and international cuisines.

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  • zues lieey
    zues lieey
    a week ago

    Love the food here. From local delucacies, Japanese , Italian and oriental cuisine.. all are amazing at both presentation and taste. Good food absolutely. Friendly chef that served you well and with good info at any even you ask. Fast service especially when clean up the table. Good quality food with verity of choices. Those who love to eat should consider this Shangrila Lemon Garden as your next venue. The taste at another level. Means they do have the best chef in town here. I Will definitely come for more again soon

  • George Khoo
    George Khoo
    a month ago

    Had lunch buffet here on a Friday. It was a great spread of fresh seafood (crabs, shrimps, crayfish, scallops, clams..), sashimi, sushi, Indian, Chinese, Western and Italian cuisine. The fresh seafood was really good and fresh. Other food was OK but not fantastic.Service was good on the whole (friendly staff) but my ice water wasn't as promptly refilled as I would have liked it to be. Didn't want to take the juices cos they were very sweet (sugar added)Dessert spread was very pretty but good quality was so-so.Ambience was excellent - high ceiling, well spaced tables, glass walls looking out to greenery and water features. Really soothing for the soul.

  • b e
    b e
    in the last week

    Came here with eatigo. Comprehensive selection, attentive waiters. Love the juice bar though it's a tad too sweet. No oysters but hey, you get what you pay for.One thing unique is the waiters will request for payment at the table, which I think is thoughtful as compared to paying before eating which is a norm at other establishments. Won't mind to return again.

  • Alan Chan
    Alan Chan
    3 months ago

    Visited Lemon Garden at Shangri-La KL and was thoroughly impressed by their exceptional seafood buffet. Despite the bustling atmosphere, the team excelled in maintaining a steady supply of dishes, ensuring quality from starters to desserts. It's remarkable how they manage the freshness and flavor of seafood, reflecting their expertise and commitment to providing a top-notch dining experience. The kitchen's efficiency and the overall ambiance of the restaurant made my visit memorable. Highly recommend for those looking to enjoy a variety of high-quality dishes in a welcoming setting. A true testament to culinary craftsmanship and service excellence.

  • Jackie (CJ)
    Jackie (CJ)
    3 months ago

    Was here for my family reunion dinner. Made booking in advance and they offered me 25% discount for max 10 diners. Luckily it was just 9 of us. Appreciate the service team for following the requests we want (round table, near window). It was very crowded and the food is getting refilled in time, kind of understandable. Variety is not as much as Jogoya but I like the way they are changing food from time to time so that we get to taste different food. However, good food like abalone and lobster are refilled and once it finished, it means it really finished. Overall the experience is good and will recommend to other people.

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